The inverted-T breast lift, also called the anchor lift, is a form of mastopexy surgery that is ideal for women experiencing a severe degree of breast sagging. If you wish your breasts could look perkier and more youthful, then this technique may be perfect for you.

Sagging breasts are a problem that almost every woman faces at some point in her life. Many circumstances can contribute to the onset of sagging, including pregnancy and dramatic weight loss, but the most common cause continues to be the aging process.

As women grow older, their breasts tend to stop being perky and start to droop. The larger the size of the breasts, the more they will sag. Women who feel insecure about the appearance of their severely drooping breasts can greatly benefit from the inverted-T breast lift.

What Is an Inverted-T Breast Lift?

There are three main types of breast lift: the donut lift, the lollipop lift, and the inverted-T lift. The inverted-T lift is the ideal option for correcting the most severe sagging.

The inverted-T breast lift is named after the incision pattern that is used during the surgery. The first incision goes around the areola. The second goes vertically down the middle of the breast to meet the breast fold. A third incision is made in a horizontal curve along the fold to camouflage the resulting post-surgical mark from being visible.

These incisions create a shape similar to that of an anchor, which is why it’s also known as an anchor incision. Many also call it a keyhole incision. This shape allows for the removal of a great deal of excess skin in an efficient manner.

The Inverted-T Breast Lift Consultation

During your breast lift consultation with Dr. Van Raalte, you will go over your aesthetic needs and goals. He will explain the details of the procedure and determine whether this specific technique is right for you.

Part of this process is performing a physical exam. This will allow Dr. Van Raalte to evaluate the degree of sagging that is present. If minor or moderate sagging is present, he may recommend another mastopexy technique instead of the inverted-T pattern.

Not everyone is suitable for this kind of surgery. Before you are deemed to be a good candidate for inverted-T mastopexy surgery, Dr. Van Raalte will perform a general health exam. This exam determines whether you are healthy enough to be operated on or not.

During this checkup, Dr. Van Raalte will ask about your complete medical history, including whether you smoke or drink regularly, whether you have any underlying medical conditions that could affect the surgery, and whether you have any allergies.

What Are the Results of an Inverted-T Breast Lift Like?

After an anchor breast lift, swelling will be present for a time. Once the recovery process is complete and all swelling has faded, the final results will be apparent. The end result of this procedure is perky breasts that are symmetrical and do not sag.

Find Out More

The best way to learn more about the inverted-T breast lift is by meeting with Dr. Van Raalte for a consultation. To schedule your consultation, contact Iowa Plastic Surgery today.