Tuesday April 17

Today we train on the TruSculpt 3D, our new non-invasive fat treatment. Liposuction is still the gold standard, but many patients don’t have enough time for treatments. Compared with liposuction, which removes all the unnecessary fat, Trusculpt 3D removes an average of 24% of the fat layer.

I bought the TruSculpt because it can treat more patients than the other treatments can.

CoolSculpting pinches the tissue, which limits its effects. It has a substantial recovery time because the frozen tissue takes time to recover. Other methods are too painful.

TruSculpt offers the ability to treat more people faster, cheaper, and with less pain.

I was the first patient, so the staff learned on me. They treated my flanks or “love handles.” I don’t have a lot of fat so they stated it might cause more discomfort than people with more fat.

Each side took 15 minutes. The first 5-minute cycle was easy – it just felt very warm at the end. During the second cycle, the last minute was uncomfortable but bearable. During the third and last cycle, when the tissue had been heated, the last two minutes I counted down but could tolerate it. I had a little redness, but no pain afterward at all. In fact, I kind of forgot I had it done.

Wednesday April 18
Day one after treatment

I had no redness, no aftereffects at all. I was more tired than usual, but was that because of the treatment? After all, it did blast fat, so it is a procedure and I guess that could make me more tired.

I went to bed early that night, but I had no pain.

Thursday April 19

Everything was normal, with no swelling, redness or pain.

Sunday April 22

I walked 8 miles without issue. But now when I pinch my flanks there is a little discomfort. It could be my imagination, but there seems to be less there when I pinch. And I am not dieting. In fact, I gained two pounds from eating too much.

More to come on results.