Are you looking for a way to get a curvier butt? Some people attempt to commit to a workout plan to enhance their butt, but it doesn’t always pan out the way they want it to. Many spend hours doing squats and leg lifts, only to find that it offered no real results. Fortunately, there’s another answer to this aesthetic problem.

Sometimes a little extra help is needed to attain the results you want, and that’s where the Brazilian butt lift comes in. This procedure is a safe and reliable method of buttocks augmentation that not only improves the overall shape of your buttocks but also helps you refine your curves in other regions.

The Brazilian Butt Lift: A Two-in-One Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift accomplishes two important improvements in one single procedure. First, it removes excess fat from areas like the thighs, hips, and abdomen. Second, it uses this fat to strategically volumize the buttocks for a fuller look—no buttocks implants required.

Your overall proportions are enhanced by adjusting the balance of fat in your body. This is the secret behind the Brazilian butt lift’s success.

Brazilian butt lifts involve autologous fat grafting, which is commonly used in a variety of procedures. Your own body fat carries very little risk of infection or allergic reactions, because your body recognizes it as its own. This technique is more natural than utilizing implants to add volume.

What to Expect During the Procedure

This treatment involves the use of local anesthesia to prevent any pain. First, tiny incisions are made in the harvest site to extract the fat that’s going to be used to perform the treatment. It’s always medically necessary to take it from a place with abundant fat, and you’ll be able to pick exactly where you’d like the fat extracted from.

Liposuction is used for this process. It will be gentler than the typical liposuction procedure, since the fat used must experience little to no trauma in order to be healthy for grafting.

Once the fat is removed, it will be cleaned, processed, and prepared to be reinjected into the buttocks via injections. These injections are carefully performed in specific spots along the buttocks at different depths to create even results.

The Results

Once the fat settles into the buttocks, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the shape and size of your rear end. There are immediate results that will be noticeable, and you can expect the full transformation to be apparent a couple of weeks after the procedure is completed.

You will have to take some time off to recover, and Dr. Van Raalte will provide you with specific instructions that you will need to follow to ensure that you heal properly.

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