The New Year is just around the corner. We all have hope that the New Year will bring joy, dreams and abundance especially after such an unstable economic year.

Our gift to you is no price increase for the spa services in 2011. We continue to offer high quality services at reasonable prices. Ths last year we have seen an increase in clients that book appointments and cancel the same day, or do not show up at all. We did not think it fair to our local clients to raise prices for them, or to make them wait for an opening because we were booked. Therefore, to keep prices reasonable and time slots available for our loyal clients, we have instituted a cancellation fee of $25. Appointments cancelled the same day or “no shows” will be charged the $25 fee. Please also note it is unfair to the next person to be delayed, so if you are late please be aware that your appointment will end at the original scheduled time.

For many of us our New Year resolution will be to eat right, exercise and be at our best. Let Iowa Plastic Surgery help you achieve and maintain to bring out your best by looking your best. We would like to take the opportunity to say that we appreciate your business and confidence in us over the past year. We hope that you let us continue to provide you with aesthetic surgery and skin care needs to bring out the beautiful best in you!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


Take care of those dry chapped lips with Jane Iredale’s

Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper

Soft, beautiful and oh-so-kissable lips are yours iwth our lip exfoliator/plumper duo. Organic brown sugar gently removes dulll, dry skin – then eat the sugar crystals right off your lips! Next, apply our tinted lip plumper iwth shea butter and peptides that moisten and plump. Your lips have never felt so good. Promise!