Thermage® CPT System

The new Thermage® CPT System represents a leap forward in skin tightening and contouring technology. Superior results and greater patient comfort are at the core of the new system, which leverages our proprietary Comfort Pulse Technology™ and a vibrating handpiece for more comfortable treatments.


  • Improved efficacy due to more uniform heating and increased volume of tissue reaching therapeutic temperature
  • Comfort Pulse Technology™, including a vibrating handpiece, to deliver enhanced patient comfort.

Our new energy delivery algorithm interweaves pulsed radiofrequency delivery with cooling bursts mimicking Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (“TENS”) therapy, to disrupt the brain’s neural response and improve comfort during treatment.

A new vibrating handpiece offers a clinically proven improvement in patient comfort. In controlled, split-faced clinical studies, comparing treatment of over 40 patients with vibration to treatment without vibration, all patients preferred being treated with vibration.

Our redesigned treatment tips deliver enhanced heat distribution and uniformity, which lead to improved volumetric heating. A greater volume of tissue is heated to target temperatures and the heating is more evenly distributed across the treatment area. Data from our clinical study demonstrates that the Thermage® CPT system heats four times more tissue to therapeutic temperatures than current technologies.

Patients will be happier with the results and the treatment experience with the Thermage® CPT system.

100% of study patients preferred treatment with the Thermage® CPT system vs. treatment with prior technologies. Average patient satisfaction scores 3 months post treatment were 4.2 out of 5 (1=dissatisfied, 5=very satisfied).

**One of our own IPS staff has gone through the treatment and is excited about the improvements, comfort and results.

See the benefits of the Thermage® CPT system in this short video Click Here.

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