New Year…

New Beginnings…


We are pleased to announce a NEW Beginning in 2011 with our own specially formulated skin care line…


IPS Product Logo

We researched for a skin care line that incorporated the best in scientific results for skin improvement. IPS™ will have anti-aging, acne, and skin restorative products that our medical aesthetician, Bobbi, will recommend for your needs. Cleansers, pigment management systems, eye treatments have been all designed for maximum medical grade results.

New Advances

Anti-oxidants are very important in the management of skin aging and play an important role in postponing and ameliorating the signs of aging and in reducing photo-damage.

Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial anti-oxidants in anti-aging skincare. Vitamin C is also a cofactor in collagen synthesis. One of the latest advances in topical anti-oxidant formulations is an oil-soluble Vitamin C ester developed in Japan, and is one of the key ingredients in the IPS™ skin care line.

Vitamin C and E combinations work synergistically for improvement and specially formulated advances allow water soluble Vitamin C and fat soluble Vitamin E to be administered in the same product.

Peptides are new key ingredients to reduce puffiness and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Touch Stick

We are especially excited about the pigment touch-stick, a powerful vehicle incorporating Kojic acid, salicylic acid, and Vitamin C in a touch stick applicator to be applied to age spots, pigmented spots, or melasma.


Salicylic acid is also a powerful agent against acne and is combined with Retinol, another acne fighting agent for two effective methods of treating acne.

As you can see we are very excited to introduce our new line IPS to you.

This is just an introduction before we formally roll out the line in time for Valentine’s Day 2011.