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Now Available – Pronox

Iowa Plastic Surgery has the latest in comfort, offering Pronox, a patient-administered analgesia for relief of discomfort during procedures. It can be added to our new pain-relief vibration device for almost no pain. Pronox is more commonly known as laughing gas or nitrous oxide. Available for a small up-charge, it can make any procedure virtually painless. It can be used for lip and other injections, TruSculpt 3D, micro-needling, fat grafting and more. There is no recovery time and you can drive yourself home!


  • Volbella Lip Treatment
  • Volbella Lip Treatment
  • Volbella Lip Treatment
  • Volbella Lip Treatment
  • Volbella Lip Treatment

Left to right: before, with the numbing cream, five minutes afterward and five hours afterward.

Last year, Dr. Benjamin Van Raalte injected my lips with filler. It hurt so much I swore I’d never do it again. Today, I really noticed wrinkles, so I went back. This time he used numbing cream and a vibrating device at the injection sites (it confuses your brain so you don’t feel as much discomfort). IT WORKED! I barely batted an eye and the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. Here’s before, 5 minutes after and 5 hours after – no makeup around my mouth and no lipstick! AMAZING! He used 0.55 ml (half a syringe) of Volbella. $450.

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