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TruSculpt 3D

TruSculpt 3D is a non-invasive procedure for body sculpting and fat reduction. A handheld device sends radio-frequency energy deep below the skin’s surface to heat fat cells and cause them to die. This painless treatment requires no downtime. The system can be used on many parts of the body, including stomach, thighs and under the chin. Compared to other treatments Trusculpt offers skin tightening, faster treatment times, less recovery, and less cost.

TRUSCULPT 3D Laser (ie Sculpsure) Cryolipolysis (ie CoolSculpting) Ultrasound
Time 1 hour 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Cost lowest consumable cost! highest consumable
Comfort hot stone massage intense heat then cool tugging and then cooling vibration
Efficacy 24% fat reduction 24% 22% 11%
Side Effects temporary redness redness, lumps 4 weeks of bruising and tenderness redness
can treat
>30 BMI yes no no no
non pinchable fat yes yes no no
skin with laxity yes yes no yes
results in 1 Treatment yes yes yes no

not all patients will get same results

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