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Eyes & Brow lift

Eyes & Brow liftA tired appearance could be eyelid aging, cheek junction or the forehead.
The eyes can have extra skin or fat pockets. They can be affected by descent of the brow above, or the cheek fat below.

About half of our patients will have eyelid surgery alone, and the other half in conjunction with a browlift to improve the upper eyelids or a facelift to help the lower eyelids look even better.

The upper eyelids have the excess skin removed by an incision placed in the eyelid crease. The fat pockets may have extra fat trimmed. The frown lines may be reduced through this incision. The eyebrow can be repositioned.
The lower eyelids have fat removed though a trans conjunctival (inside the eyelid) incision, and the tear trough (the start of the dark circles) released to blend in the fat for the smoother lower eyelid. A pinch of skin is then removed.

Brows can be repositioned or lifted by three different methods. The oldest involved the largest incision but does allow release of deeper forehead lines. The endoscopic brow lift allows repositioning and removal of “11”s muscle or frown lines, but some complain it looks too surprised. The mini or lateral brow lift may look the most natural and is easily done under IV sedation. It has a higher touch up rate.

Patients find that eyelid surgery can be done frequently under IV sedation, and may have a quick recovery time, except for bruising. Many patients wear dark glasses and resume activity.

The most common risks with eyelid and brow surgery is the need for touch ups due to the elasticity of tissue and that even minor asymmetry is visible. The other commonly reported effect is dry eyes and the need for eye drops. Most patients will continue to get Botox® to the crows feet to keep up their “look” .

Many patients find this surgery makes them look less tired, or less angry.

“Staff was welcoming and helpful. I’m very happy with my results.”
– K.H. Breast Augmentation, Upper and Lower Bleph, and mini browlift.
Individual results may vary

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