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Breast Fat Grafting

Iowa Plastic Surgery has done fat grafting to face, hands and body for over 10 years. We have been doing fat grafting to the breast after acknowledgement that it is a safe practice. We have done both reconstructive and cosmetic cases.

About 50-80% of the grafted fat survives. In about 20% of patients the fat reduces completely.* *Individual results may vary. Luckily, this process is uniform so one breast is not larger than the other. Fat can be used for mildly tuberous breasts to expand the skin and restore contours. It is also good for tight breast folds, volume in the cleavage area, and to cover wrinkling. For reconstructive patients it can be used to fill in after partial lumpectomy and is one of the best ways to restore after radiation.

Fat grafting for volume usually increases about one half cup size, but can be used for superior fullness and to place where volume is needed unlike an implant. It is placed just below the skin or just above the muscle.

Fat grafted patients may be subject to a biopsy if an area of fat forms a lump or calcification.

Our carefully selected fat grafting patients have been very pleased. For patients already having a procedure such as liposuction or a tummy tuck and wanting a slight increase in breast size it has been very beneficial. The fat is recycled from the donor area to the chest.

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