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Laser Hair Removal

Genesis Plastic Surgery is proud to offer one of the few double wavelength lasers in the Quad Cities. Genesis Plastic Surgery has been doing hair removal since 2003, and has a physician on site which most clinics do not.

Genesis Plastic Surgery is proud to use the Cutera Excel HR, a third-generation laser for hair removal. This state-of-the-art laser has not only one but also two laser wavelengths to best treat both lighter- and darker-skinned patients. It also has a sapphire tip for the utmost in cooling and comfort. In fact, a side-by-side comparison showed the Excel markedly reduced discomfort to two-thirds less when treating certain body areas.

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The Alexandria 755 wavelength is optimal for lighter-skinned individuals. The 1064 Nd Yag is optimal for laser hair removal on patients who are Indian Americans, Asian Americans and African Americans. (Of course, the treated hair needs to be darker than the surrounding skin.)

Unlike many laser clinics, Genesis Plastic Surgery, as a leader in ethical treatment, has a physician on site. Many consumers don’t know that Iowa law allows individuals to treat patients without a doctor on site or even readily available.

Some clinics advertise an intense pulse light (IPL) device as a laser hair removal option, but this device is more painful, risky and less effective — thus the lower price. Some clinics state their operator has 1,000 hours of training, but that is the licensure requirement for Iowa Board of Cosmetology.

Genesis Plastic Surgery offers everyday low pricing on single treatments rather than encouraging patients to purchase a costly package.

Laser hair removal usually is not permanent, but results in lighter and finer hairs. It usually requires three to six treatments, and occasional maintenance treatments. Individual treatments allow you to see for yourself the advantages of the Cutera Excel HR, including less discomfort, better safety, and improved results from the Excel HR laser. Also, patients can come in for maintenance treatments or finish treatment they began elsewhere.

For the most effective results:

  • Patients must have brown or black hair — lasers do not work on white, gray, blonde or light-red hair.
  • It is best for your skin not to be tanned immediately before or after treatment for several weeks.
  • You cannot be on Accutane at the time of treatment.
  • Self tanning products will interfere with treatment.

Dr. Van Raalte is involved in the initial evaluation and assessment of your skin type. We can treat all Fitzpatrick skin types from I to VI.

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