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Radiesse® is a completely synthetic compound comprised of micro spheres of calcium hydroxyl apatite, combined with aqueous gel. Calcium is a natural substance already found in the body, so Radiesse® causes no allergic reactions or inflammation. In fact, the basic element in Radiesse® has been safely used by the medical profession for more than 25 years. When injected, the cream-like texture of Radiesse® feels soft and natural. Unlike products that lose their effectiveness within only a few months, Radiesse® may provide years of rejuvenation with intermittent touch ups. It is gradually replaced by the body’s own tissue, and slowly dissolves away over years. The results may last approximately 2-3 years. Visit for more information on Radiesse®.

Lower Face Refresh with Fillers!

Both patients, shown here before and after, received treatment with Radiesse® and Belotero Balance® to provide volume and smooth lines and wrinkles. This is also known as a liquid facelift.

Patient #1 Age 50

1 week after treatment
Individual results may vary

Patient #2 Age 45

2 weeks after treatment
Individual results may vary

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