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OtoplastyWe offer otoplasty for protruding ears. Our patients include both children and adults, from age 4 to 74.

In adults, the surgery is usually under sedation. The cause of protruding ears is a lack of folding of the outer portion of the cartilage of the ear. An incision is made behind the ear and sutures placed in the cartilage to fold the cartilage back. The inner cartilage if too wide or deep (called the concha) may be reduced, and then the incision behind the ear is closed with some skin removal.

The ears look swollen and black and blue for two weeks. They take a few months to get a natural look. The patient will sleep with a headband for about a month, to prevent crimping the ears. The most common complication is the need for a touch up surgery because one ear did not stay as far back as the other.

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