Lifestyle Lift vs. other Facelifts

Every week someone asks me about the “Lifestyle Lift”. This is a trademarked name and as far as anyone knows it is not a new procedure. The reason I mention as far as anyone knows, is because those that do it, are sworn to secrecy, which is a red flag. Most ethical discussions of operations include none that are secret, and all are open to peer review and discussion. Please note many of those that perform the Lifestyle Lift are not surgeons.

I believe it to be a variation of the S Lift which has been around for many years. It is a mini face lift that excises skin in front of the ear, and a few additional deep sutures; in addition, the neck is liposuctioned. Generally mini lift means mini results. Shorter recovery means shorter lasting when it comes to facelifts. There are a few people who do well with this procedure and their pictures are the ones shown.

Last year, New York’s Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo came to a settlement with the cosmetic surgery firm Lifestyle Lift, after the firm allegedly published fake consumer reviews across the Web. This case brings questions of ethical business to light at a time when the Federal Trade Commission is already investigating the use of word-of-mouth marketing online.

How to decide which face lift is for you. If you are over 50, and have extra skin and fat under the neck, plus jowls, a lower facelift will be the better treatment. You will look more natural, and get better correction. Without the correction of the jowls you might get the “lollipop” effect where the neck looks good but the lower face does not.

I have had patients with lower facelifts that returned to work in as little as a few days, but it depends on the individual. Some take weeks and some, with makeup, look good in a week or so.

A person under 35 with just a double chin may only need liposuction. Loose skin and fat, and jowls in a 55 year old usually are best corrected with a lower facelift. An S Lift may be needed for someone in between, either by the amount of skin laxity, and age. A consultation will help determine which procedure is best for you.


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