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RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is surgery to improve the appearance of the nose. It may be due to familial traits, trauma, or other concerns. The surgery can refine your nose or change the shape within limits.

We will listen to your concerns, do an examination, and carefully explain what we would recommend. Our goal is to not make you a different person, but have a nose that fits your face, but is improved.

I do offer computer simulation, but emphasize it is a goal, for you to visualize, not a guarantee of result. I have operated on noses of many ethnic backgrounds.

The nose is not solid that can be sculpted but more like paper mache’ that can only be molded in certain ways. It consists of cartilage and bone that tend to change after surgery, settle at different rates, and can need revision. National revision rates are reported at 7-18%. Changes to the nose can produce changes in airflow.

Nine out of ten of our patients have been satisfied with our goals of a better but not different nose.*

*Individual results may vary.

COVID-19 Update: Only performing on patients who have documentation of vaccination

Rhinoplasty Patient Experiences

  • “My experience here was great! The staff was extremely nice and respectful. Many questions were asked and all were answered kindly and in a way that I understood. Very happy with my results! Great place and even greater people!”
    – D.S., Rhinoplasty
    Individual results may vary

  • “I was extremely impressed by the results of my neck and nose. The doctor and staff were both very professional. Five out of five stars!”
    – AL
    Individual results may vary

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